State Seal Company is your AS9100 Certified source for a wide variety of high quality Hydraulic and Rotary seals for containment of fluid and contamination prevention.

Power seals are produced in all of the standard filled or unfilled configurations from compounds commonly used in hydraulic or pneumatic fluid power components.

Related Fluid Power Products from State Seal:

  • PolyPaks® (Parker)
    These unique seals preserve vacuums as well as high or low-pressure states with a design that combines a lip seal with an O-ring style O-spring.
  • Rod Wipers
    Often used with heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders for the purpose of protecting the primary rod seal. Available in a wide variety of urethanes or elastomers, and a wide range of sizes and shapes.
  • Spring Loaded PTFE Seals
    Spring powered seals available in a wide range of sizes, spring types and materials, and in rod, piston and face seal configurations.
  • U-Cups
    A full range of quality U-cups in a variety of standard and special designs for rod and piston sealing applications.
  • V-Packings
    Made of fabric-reinforced nitrile rubber, V-pressure rings rest on a female adapter ring, while a male adapter rests on the pressure rings. This packing design is adjustable for wear and sealability.
  • Wear Rings
    Wear rings or bearings are available in a complete range of materials and configurations for particular applications.
  • T-seals
    Used as piston and rod seals in hydraulic systems, with an elastomer seal element and two PTFE or nylon back-up rings.