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State Seal can help you develop and manufacture engineered sealing solutions. From O-rings and composite seals made with high purity FFKM elastomers, to thermoplastics, extruded profiles and metal seals. We offer a complete line of sealing solutions for the semiconductor market.  In addition, our shielding and grounding products protect critical electronics from the harmful effects of EMI. And our thermal interface materials cool hot microprocessors and power supplies. We are able to supply sealing solutions quickly and cost effectively to fit the most basic applications to the most aggressive plasma chemistries, high temperature thermal processes, high pressures and ultra high vacuum.

Types of Sealing Environments for Semiconductor:

  • Fluorinated and oxygen rich plasmas and gases
  • UPDI water
  • Application temperatures to 1000 degrees Celsius
  • Low erosion rate and minimal particle generation
  • Extremely low outgassing and metals content
  • Ultra high vacuum (UHV)
  • Wet and dry fabrication processes including deposition, diffusion, etching, resist stripping, ashing, cleaning, ion implant and chemical mechanical